Students from the University Brunei Darussalam (UBD) who participated in the Philippine Indigenous Culture Seminar and Workshop pose for a group photo with Philippine Embassy CDA Pete Delfin and the speakers : KXPH Founder and President Edwin Antonio, Basco, Batanes Mayor Anastacia Viola, and Mr. Eduard Delfin of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples of Batanes Provincial Office

Students from the University of Brunei Darussalam (UBD) who are taking Filipino Language courses as part of their degree program attended the Seminar Workshop on Philippine Indigenous Culture conducted by the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines, in collaboration with Katutubo Exchange Philippines (KXPH), last Saturday, 08 September 2018.

UBD is one of the prestigious universities in Brunei offering specialized courses in Business, Arts, Asian Studies, Policy Studies, Education, and Biodiversity, among others. Over 100 students enroll in the Filipino Language Course each semester. Filipino Language is offered by UBD as part of its Language Centre Program.

“The seminar is very enriching and a very interactive and enjoyable out-of-classroom experience for my students,” said Filipina professor, Frieda Marie Bonus-Adeva, who started the Filipino language programme in UBD. “Kudos to the Katutubo Exchange Philippines for their passion in preserving Filipino culture and traditions, and sharing their knowledge to the world with pride and dignity.” Professor Adeva has been teaching the Filipino language in UBD for eight years now.

Philippine Embassy Chargé d’ Affairs Pete Raymond V. Delfin welcomed the participants and expressed optimism that they will benefit from learning the different indigenous culture of the Philippines.

The speakers for the forum were Mr. Edwin Antonio, Katutubo Exchange President; Mayor Anastacia Viola of Basco, Batanes; and Mr. Eduardo Delfin of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples, Batanes Provincial Office. Mr. Antonio presented a multi-level cultural exchange platform among the various indigenous people of the Philippines, while Mayor Viola and Mr. Delfin focused on the Batanes-Ivatan people’s way of life.

During the workshop, KXPH taught the participants indigenous games and songs, as well as how to write “baybayin” and wear indigenous clothing. The students gamely participated in the games and also put on native costumes.

Katutubo Exchange Philippines is a volunteer organization, comprised of volunteer youths and cultural workers, aimed to promote indigenous culture and traditional arts,  and heighten public awareness in embracing the beauty of the different indigenous peoples while, at the same time, celebrating the oneness of the Filipino race. END


UBD students, traditional and indigenous attires, pose for a photo together with Katutubo Exchange Philippines President Mr. Edwin Antonio (2nd from right); Mayor Anastacia Viola of Basco, Batanes (2nd from left); Mr. Eduardo Delfin of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples, Batanes Regional Office (1st from left); Ms. Frieda Marie Bonus-Adeva, Filipino professor at the University of Brunei Darussalam (1st from right) and Embassy officials, Philippine Chargé d’ Affaires Pete Raymond V. Delfin (4th from left) and Vice Consul Jaybee B. Arguillas (3rd from left)


Katutubo Exchange Philippines Founder and President Edwin Antonio discussing the various indigenous tribes in the Philippines and their unique cultures


UBD students, some wearing the traditional and indigenous attires, pose for a group photo