Team Kramer’s electricity bill reached P79k

Team Kramer’s electricity bill reached P79k
“I think this was wrong… ” says Doug Kramer upon seeing his first electricity bill.

“With great power, comes great responsibility,” and the same can be said when you have a house and lot that totals 550 square meters like Chesca and Doug Kramer.

That’s why in their latest vlog, the Kramer patriarch opened up about the time he received his first electricity bill that amounted to a whopping PhP79,000.

He recalled, “I was in the kitchen and then I opened the Meralco bill really, really slowly. And then, lo and behold, PhP 79,000.

“I’m like, I think this was wrong. I think we made the house too big.”

This shouldn’t come as a surprise though as their family home boasts of impressive features like a play area, an outdoor swimming pool, a home theater, a poolside grill, a homeschooling classroom, and an elevator.

However, the Kramers share that they wanted a house that is green-engineered to match their lifestyle.

Through installing inverter-type air conditioning units, refrigerators, and LED lights, Doug admitted, “I had to take it to another level to make sure we don’t overboard on our electric consumption.”

With the help of a rooftop solar company, Doug and Cheska were able to lower their household bill by assessing their daytime consumption and installing solar panels at the roof of their home.

“The first electric bill which made me sit down and have cold sweat was PhP79,000.

“So, I knew I needed to invest in something that would save me from my Meralco bills and what better way to do that than solar panels.

“Here’s a fun fact, ever since we installed our panel, we save PhP 30,000 on average every month!”

According to the couple, their lowest bill was PhP 23,000 back on April 2020–not bad for a home with an elevator and multiple 24/7 aircon.— Source: Cara Emmeline Garcia / GMANEWS

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