Pinoys’ bayanihan spirit thrives abroad amid pandemic

Pinoys’ bayanihan spirit thrives abroad amid pandemic
FREE GROCERIES. A Filipino, through Derby Bayanihan Productions (DBP), delivers essential goods to a fellow Filipino household isolated in Derby, United Kingdom in this undated photo. DBP has helped 48 Filipino households affected by the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic. (Photo courtesy of DBP)

The spirit of Filipino “bayanihan” blossomed abroad amid the growing concern on coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

Derby Bayanihan Productions (DBP), an independent and non-profit group organized by Ilonggos, started an initiative to raise funds and help affected Filipinos in Derby, United Kingdom.

DBP was established last year to develop young talents in music, arts and sports, and to promote Filipino culture to younger generation, Aldrich Reyes, DBP’s chairman, told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) on Wednesday.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, Reyes said the group was moved by the Filipino spirit to help countrymen in isolation.

“We realized how difficult it was to not able to go out for a week or two to get our essentials. So out of this experience, we had decided to start an initiative to raise funds to help our fellow Filipinos who are isolated and sick by delivering them some essential goods while they are in isolation,” he said.

Forty-eight households or 120 Filipinos in Derby were able to receive essential goods from DBP since the start of the pandemic.

Included in the goods distributed by the group are rice, fruits, bread, milk, canned goods, soap, tissue papers, and even thermometers.

“Most of the beneficiaries of our initiative are front-liners and National Health Services staff. We even sent essential goods to families in neighboring towns and also given financial support for bereaved family in Derby (with a family member) who succubed to the Covid-19, a front-liner hero,” he said.

Reyes said that they keep a tab of the Filipinos infected by Covid-19 in the United Kingdom.

“In the initiative we did, we have set up a referral system to those who were isolated and in the hospital due to Covid-19. The initiative actively encouraged people to refer Filipinos who needed help and their details were kept private, thus many Filipinos were reached out,” he said, adding that the system was able to help the group deliver goods to isolated Filipinos.

Included in the essential goods delivered are personal letters from DBP.

“We also took time to chat and follow up those who were isolated, even singing a ‘Happy Birthday’ song to one of our beneficiaries who shed tears, expressing her gratitude as she was alone on her birthday,” Reyes said.

The initiative of the group has proven that the Filipinos’ spirit of communal unity is practiced regardless of location.

“Regardless of any differences we have as individuals when it comes to situations like this — we always extend a helping hand,” he said.

Reyes said interested parties can contact Derby Bayanihan Productions Facebook page if they are willing to provide support to fellow Filipinos in Derby.

He also extended his gratitude to those who supported the DBP’s efforts in spreading the true meaning of “bayanihan”.— Source: Gail Momblan / (PNA)

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