Philippine Embassy Chargé d’Affaires (CDA) Pete Raymond V. Delfin informs officials from the Department of Scientific Services of the Ministry of Health (MoH-DSS) regarding the OneLab Project.

Philippine Embassy Chargé d’Affaires (CDA) Pete Raymond V. Delfin met with Ministry of Health’s (MoH) Acting Director of Department of Scientific Services (DSS) Hjh Rahimah binti Haji Hanafi and DSS Scientific Officer (Food Chemistry Section) Nur Nisrinah Hj Awg Yusof at DSS-MoH on 08 October 2018. He was joined by Economic Assistant Frederick A. Rili during said meeting.

CDA Delfin discussed with MoH officials the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) OneLab Project and the proposed visit by DOST officials to Brunei in November of this year to present said initiative.

DOST’s initiative titled “Enhancing OneLab for Global Competitiveness” or the OneLab Project aims to address the testing and analysis needs of clients through a single touchpoint. Since there is no single laboratory in the Philippines which is capable to perform all kinds of tests, OneLab has made it possible through its Referral System to have samples and tests referred to its network of laboratories. To date, 39 local laboratories and three (3) international laboratories in Thailand and Vietnam are members of the network.

CDA Delfin conveyed DOST’s intention to invite a Halal Laboratory in Brunei to be part of its OneLab network. The Halal Laboratory is envisioned to accept test referrals from the Philippines specifically on Halal Testing and perform said test according to the turn over time agreed with clients. In return, OneLab will promote the services of Brunei’s Halal Laboratory in the Philippines and its partner international laboratories.

The MoH officials welcomed DOST’s OneLab proposal and expressed their willingness to meet DOST’s representatives, tentatively, on 12 November 2018.

CDA Delfin took note of the feedback from MoH officials and remarked that this will be conveyed to DOST accordingly. He expressed his appreciation to Director Rahimah and Scientific Officer Nur Nisrinah for the fruitful meeting at MoH-DSS. END