PE in Brunei Holds Gender and Development Seminar on Fire Safety and Beach Safety Awareness for Overseas Filipinos

ACT ASFR Andi Karmila demonstrating how to put out fire using a fire blanket.

The Philippine Embassy in Brunei Darussalam in collaboration with the Brunei Fire and Rescue Department, it conducted a Fire Safety and Beach Safety Awareness Seminar for the Overseas Filipinos on 31 March 2019 at the Chancery.  The seminar, which was the Embassy’s third GAD activity for the year, was also held in observance of Fire Prevention Month.

Almost 100 participants, mostly female skilled workers from various companies and Household Service Workers, attended the seminar. The seminar provided information on fire safety and procedures to be observed during fire emergencies. The seminar also discussed beach safety since there is a school break in March and most families go to the beach to enjoy the summer season.

The main speaker for the seminar was Ms. Andi Karmila Waty bte Hj Abd Karim, Acting Assistant Superintendent for Fire and Rescue Department. She presented important household safety tips, most especially kitchen safety tips, and explained step by step procedures on how to put out fires. She also shared her experiences on the challenges that she faced working in a male-dominated field and how she overcame these challenges.

Mr. Rizan Latif, President of Beach Bunch, an organization in Brunei which provides beach safety seminars, talked about the hazards of rip currents and how families can stay safe while at the beach.

A demonstration on how to put out fires correctly and safely followed the seminar. Some members of the Filipino Community were given hands-on training in using fire extinguishers and fire blankets. After the activity, the participants were treated to a simple lunch.

The Embassy regularly conducts GAD activities that promote gender and development issues for the benefit of Filipinos in Brunei, particularly for their empowerment and enhanced productivity. END


Some of the participants at the Fire Safety Talk and Beach Safety Awareness Seminar pose for a group photo with Brunei Fire and Rescue Department Officials and Philippine Embassy Officers


Chargé d’ Affaires Pete Raymond V. Delfin welcoming the participants to the Fire Safety Talk and Beach Awareness Seminar


Acting ASFR Andi Karmila Waty bte Hj Abd Karim discussing fire safety tips and emergency procedures