NCRPO partakes in the Team PNP Bayanihan Fund challenge

NCRPO partakes in the Team PNP Bayanihan Fund challenge

“There is strength in unity”. This saying was proven true by the men and women of NCRPO as they took the challenge and participated in the ‘Team PNP Bayanihan Fund Challenge’ which aims to reach Php 200 million target from voluntary donations of police officers nationwide to aid in the government’s fight against CoVID 19.

Initially, NCRPO targeted Php 25,805,000 plus Php 116,000 assuming that their 25,805 personnel from NCRPO and 116 personnel from the Regional Support Units (RSUs) will voluntarily donate 1,000 pesos each or less.

“There is no standard amount specified for their contribution. It is purely voluntary for we know that they too have families who are affected by this health crisis and most of them are sole providers,” NCRPO Chief PMGEN SINAS.

When totaled, NCRPO was able to generate a total of Php 30,360,973 from NCRPO personnel and RSUs combined. This is 17.13% higher than the initial target donations and is way beyond the targeted sum.

The top three donors who gave more than the expected donations were the Eastern Police District who was able to exceed the targeted sum of Php 2,953,000 by 65.04% with its total donation of Php 4,873,673 the Quezon City Police District exceeded the expected sum of Php 4,364,000 by 21.75% with its total donation of Php 5,312,960 and the Northern Police District who gave 20.51 % more than the expected donation of Php 3,686,000 by giving Php 4,442,100.

The Manila Police District, Southern Police District and Regional Headquarters also donated more than the targeted sum of donations for the project.

“This reflects the innate generousity of our police officers towards their community amid the fight against the unseen. Verily, their selfless dedication in putting the people above and beyond their personal and family needs deserves commendation and accolades,” he added.

“Hence, as a very proud leader and comrade in public service, I would like to send my most sincere gratitude to my men in NCRPO for exceptionally taking the challenge to support the ‘Team PNP Bayanihan Fund Challenge’ despite the hurdles they too are facing as providers to their beloved families,” he continues.

Today, April 24,2020, the NCRPO’s donations for the Team PNP Bayanihan Fund Challenge will be turned-over to the Finance Service which in turn will deposit it to the PNP SUPPORT FUNDS at the Land bank of the Philippines.

“I guarantee that their contributions will be utilized to support our Nation’s battle against the unseen enemy. Thank you and may the Good Lord bless and protect us all,” PMGEN SINAS said.—

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