MWSS sets guidelines on water bills

MWSS sets guidelines on water bills

The Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) regulatory office has issued guidelines on the billing system for the quarantine period.

MWSS Chief Regulator Patrick Ty said the water bills for almost three months will be issued at once, and assured there will be no irregularities in the computation of water charges.

“We are doing some computations and simulations to check what will happen and we want to assure the public there will be no bill shock,” Ty said.

The MWSS has also given customers enough time to settle their bills. All lifeline users of the two water concessionaires or those using up to 10 cubic meters monthly have until August 31 to pay, while non-lifeline users have until July 31.

“They can pay that bill “pautay-utay”, staggered payment, and pay that for every month,” Ty said.

The MWSS has currently disallowed disconnection of water services to customers of Maynilad and Manila Water. It added that customers may ask for an extension through a promissory note in case they go past the deadline. Water meter reading and issuance of water bills are expected to resume in June.— Source:

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