Manila Is the 5th Most Stressed Out City in the World

Manila Is the 5th Most Stressed Out City in the World

In 2019, the World Health Organization included burnout in its International Classification of Diseases—which essentially means its a legitimate diagnosis. And, now more than ever, we all should be taking burnout seriously as Manila ranks as the fifth city with the highest workplace burnout rate in the world.

That’s according to data compiled by Savvy Sleeper, a site that explores all things related to sleep. The study shows that Asian and U.S. cities are at higher risk, while most European performed well with a low risk of work burnout.

“Our study shows cities with reasonable working hours, good vacation policies and quality sleep not only have more motivated employees but also higher workplace productivity, despite staff working shorter hours,” says Savvy Sleeper’s Ashley Doyle.

If you think we’re burnt out, imagine how the people in Tokyo feel. The city landed on the number one spot as the city with the highest burnout rates in the world. Mumbai in India, Seoul in Korea, and Istanbul in Turkey followed behind the Japanese city.

While Tallinn in Estonia was determined to be the least stressed-out city in the world. “It is interesting to see Estonia receives the most positive score in our study, over the typically expected Nordic countries like Norway, Finland, and Denmark,” says Doyle.— Source: Paolo Chua /

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