LTO-9 to ‘standardize’ training of drivers

LTO-9 to ‘standardize’ training of drivers

The Land Transportation Office-9 (LTO-9) is set to “standardize” the training and education of drivers, through accredited driving schools, to produce quality drivers here in the region.

Lawyer Aminola Abaton, LTO-9 director, said Saturday the agency has already accredited five of the 12 driving schools in the region to conduct the training and education of drivers.

Abaton said the standardized training and education of drivers is in preparation for the implementation of stricter requirements in the issuance of a license to drive.

Applicants of student permit must undergo a 15-hour drivers’ education and training from an accredited driving school and pass the LTO exam, he said.

“We will be raising the level of education of these drivers when it comes to road safety and courtesy,” Abaton said, citing they envision that future drivers are educated, disciplined, and responsible motorists.

He said the new regulation was supposed to be implemented in April but was deferred to August 3 due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic.— Source: R. G. Antonet Go / (PNA)

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