Love daytime karaoke? Don’t do it in Manila because it just got banned.

Love daytime karaoke? Don’t do it in Manila because it just got banned.

Attention karaoke lovers, we’ve got some bad news for you.

If you’ve been singing at the top of your lungs all day, every day in Manila, Philippines, you better put down your mics.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno announced on October 8, 2020, that daytime karaoke is banned in the city.

Together with vice mayor Honey Lacuna-Pangan and majority floor leader Joel Chua, Moreno signed Ordinance No. 8688.

Apparently, there have been an increase in complaints from parents that the karaoke activities are disrupting students from their online classes.

According to the statement that Moreno posted, the use of “videoke, karaoke, and other sound-producing devices that disturb our communities is prohibited.”

Thankfully, it’s only between the hours 7am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday.

Violators to the ordinance will be subjected to a fine of PHP 1,000 (US$20), PHP 2,000 (US$41), and PHP 3,000 (US$62) for the first, second, third, and any following violations, respectively.

In case you didn’t know, karaoke is a huge thing in Southeast Asia and the Philippines is no stranger to the activity.

In fact, Pinoys are so passionate about the activity that some of them will resort to violence over certain songs.

Frank Sinatra’s My Way in particular has been banned in several bars after there were several incidents in which people were killed for singing the song out of tune.— Source: Mae Yen Yap /

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