Isabelle Daza sets good example on how to treat housekeepers

Isabelle Daza sets good example on how to treat housekeepers
Isabelle with Yaya Luning

Isabelle Daza has a dream: she wants to see housekeepers get higher pay and two days off in a week just like most workers.

Many people have asked her about her thoughts on housekeepers ever since she shared on social media her “Kasambahay Contract” last year. The contract has a list of work rules, deliverables and benefits, such as number of days off in a month, number of work hours, sick leaves, and contributions of employers to Social Security System (SSS), Philhealth, and Pag-ibig for the helpers.

According to her, the contract “protects” both parties.

“I believe this is for the benefit of both the employer and the employee,” she said.

Isabelle added the scope of work is important.

“So you can’t ask them to get you a glass of water at 11 pm,” she said as example. “After all, they are leaving their families to take care of ours.”

Isabelle’s concern for helpers continue. In a recent Instagram story, she posted a photo of a questionnaire she gives to their kasambahay every three months to get to know how they feel about work.

Some of the questions were about the favorite things they do at home, when are they most annoyed at her, when are they most tired, what are their dreams in life, do they still want what they’re doing, etc. There’s even a portion where they can write any comment about their jobs.

Among Isabelle’s helper is her childhood nanny, Yaya Luning, who now looks after two-year-old Baltie, her son with French husband Adrien Semblat.— Source: By: Stephanie Marie Bernardino /

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