Hi I’m Ana Liza Riel Atrazo, 36 years old….PROUD OFW…

Hi I’m Ana Liza Riel Atrazo, 36 years old….PROUD OFW…

My fantastic journey begins when I was 16 yrs. old. At a very young age, I decided to work while pursuing my study to help my family with our expenses at home and school fees at the same time. So I worked for my first job as a Cashier at SM Supermarket, Makati Branch.

However, after almost 6 months of working, I opted to give it a try applying as a service crew to the now, No. 1 Fast Food Chain in the Philippines Jollibee Foods Corp. (Glorietta 4 Branch). From there, I was thankful to Mam Laarni B. Yap my Store Manager who gave me the chance to be part of their team.

After 6 months of working as service crew, I was promoted as regular crew and became Admin Assistant understudy.

By year 2000, I was graduated at Pamantasan Lungsod Ng Pasay as BS Accountancy. Right after I graduated, door opens for opportunity as I was promoted as Shift Manager after just a month.

Year 2004 when I got married to my husband Godofredo “ Franz” Atrazo Jr. and blessed with (3) three beautiful kids namely: Hannah Laurlyn Cazandra (eldest), Hannah Allyana Nichole and Hannah Maxine Olivia (youngest).

After almost 10 years of working in Jollibee Philippines, I’ve decided to work abroad. It was one of the toughest decisions I’ve made in my entire life. At that time, my second child was turning one year old. And as a mother, leaving your children at a very young age will never be so easy. My husband had a serious back injury and needs to stop from working. It breaks my heart to just leave them. But my love and urge to offers them a good life gives me the will to push through with my decision.

It was year 2007, when a job position in Jollibee Brunei opens. I was interviewed by Sir Rodel Alcantara, the present Operations Director of Jollibee Brunei at that time. I was hired then and became a Restaurant Manager in Jollibee Brunei IO. I will always be thankful for the opportunity to work with him despite of my situation.

I have mixed emotions during my flight, as I was excited being in a new place to work with but at the same time breaking my heart for leaving my family behind to work for their future. However, I was astonished as I have seen and feel the warm welcome given by Jollibee Brunei Family. All the loneliness I felt inside was slowly vanished and they help me a lot to make it easy for me to recover from being away with my loved ones.

I remember, at that moment homesickness drives me crazy. They were even teasing me that I might not be able to make it a month and run away just to be with my family. But they were all wrong… because now here I am very much happy turning (9) nine years in Jollibee Brunei.

Jollibee proven that where ever you are, where ever Jollibee is… You will always be at home.

One of the Jollibee Values that I will always be grateful and proud of where ever branch of Jollibee you worked with is the “Spirit of Family & Fun”. Even you are away with your real family and being surrounded with different people with different culture and beliefs Jollibee created this bond of togetherness and you will be able to have fun and form this happiness around. And you’ll ended up not just working but also simply having fun and creating memories with your new family. And so I will always be proud to be part of Jollibee Family.

My Life in Brunei…

After my (2) two years contract in Jollibee Brunei I was able to save for them unfortunately Typhoon Ondoy destroyed our small business and damages our house. Again, circumstances are out of my control which leads me to stay again in Brunei away from my family.

However, my husband can’t take it anymore being away from me that long and so he decided to follow and look for a job. God is good for he answered our prayers, after 6 days of staying finally my husband got a job as Operations Manager. He went back to Philippines to process his documents.

One of the people that I am also thankful is to our dearest and much supported previous Operations Director Sir Eriel “Joy’’ Cortez. He always told us that we are here in Brunei because we had a purpose. Though we EARN but at the same time we LEARN…

Finally on my third year of stay in Brunei, I was able to reunite and be with my children. I can’t explain my happiness. All I know is that they are with me now and all my pain and longings for a very long time are all washed away.

They said when it rains it pours. It was year 2012, when my first FSC GOLD STORE was finally achieved for Jollibee Yayasan. I was extremely happy then and proud that after 5 years of FSC Audit finally we made it.

After Jollibee Yayasan achieved the first gold, we worked the following year with full of determination and passion. Year 2013 and 2014 we are consistently became a FSC Gold Store awardee with additional awards; Product Gold Standard Consistency Award, Training Coach of The Year and Restaurant Managers Star Excellence Award.

I also played a part to a “FILIPINO’s IN BRUNEI” published by Cecil Castillo.

We are also published in Brunei Times… Jolly Time for Tinkerbell kids.

Consecutively been part of regular celebration of Prince Abdul Mumin during Hari Raya and Other Royal Families.

Through the years, Operations Director of Jollibee Brunei has always been so supported. Another celebration last 2014 with the Royal Families together with the previous Operations Director Chuck Reduta.

I was assigned in Jollibee Yayasan for the past 5 years which was started last 2010 to 2014. In the turn of events, Management Team decided to transfer me and let me handles not only one but two Jollibee stores. One is Jollibee Qlap, the store which is known as the Legendary GOLD Store and Jollibee Utama Bowling.

I’ve handled two stores at the same time which I find it very challenging and not quite simple at first. But God gave me so much strength to face all the adversity.

And now, as the year 2015 ends I am proud to say that I did it once again! The latest FSC Awarding Night for Year 2015 held at Gadong Centerpoint Hotel, Brunei Darussalam awarded me the following:

estaurant Managers Star Excellence Awards

JB Qlap 8th FSC Gold Star Awards

JB Qlap Star FSC Excellence Awards

JB Utama 1st FSC Gold Star Award

JB Utama Star FSC Excellence Awards

Winning those awards would not have been possible without the inspirations I have received from my senior and my colleagues, for whom I have the deepest respect, and from whom I have derived the strength to challenge myself and perform better at each stage.

Life at work was never easy no matter what your position is.

Becoming a Manager did not just happen overnight. There were many years you wonder about things. But at the end of the day when you try to look back and see all that you’ve been through you’ll realize..

Life is an Adventure, Dare it…

A duty, Perform it…

An opportunity, Take it…

A journey, complete it…

A promise, fulfill it…

A puzzle, solve it…

A goal, achieve it…

Again …. I’m Ana Liza Riel Atrazo…Proud OFW …Proud Jollibee…

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