Expect the unexpected

Expect the unexpected

When the COVID19 outbreak became more serious, each Filipino worker only had one thing in their mind–how are they going to survive this? They worried not just about getting infected, but also about having enough to feed the family.

Some companies provided assistance as they suspended operations. The government promised to provide basic necessities. But not everyone may be able to receive help, it may also not be enough. There are also scalawags who only think of themselves and don’t care about what others will have to endure.

Unfortunately, some of our kababayans have become infected and died. COVID 19 is a very complex virus because we could not tell if the person next to us is infected or not since, some who were found to be positive with the virus do not show any symptoms. Wearing face masks and using disinfectants may not be enough.

The enhanced community quarantine was imposed to help prevent the further spread of the disease. However, not everyone understood the benefit of this, and refused to follow it.

For sure, it will not be easy to rise after the “recession”. So many companies that have been affected may need to let go some of their employees because they can’t pay them. Unemployment will surely rise and just like a domino effect, the poor Juan will again suffer. Airlines have lost a lot after travel restrictions were implemented.

Class suspensions were implemented as early as the first week of March. Although students rejoiced at the thought of having an early summer vacation, this is actually not something to be happy about.
Students still needed to submit their projects, and some needed to be online to finish their lessons. This was bad for those who did not have an internet connection at home. So should these students be marked incomplete?

It is likely that the school calendar will be changed. Graduation for those who were supposed to graduate last March will need to be rescheduled, thus, the school year 2020-2021 may start at a much later date. Thus, one semester may be wasted.

Since businesses slumped, it is likely that the prices of some of the basic necessities may increase. Raw materials that come from abroad may demand higher prices, thus affecting retail prices in our country. So, even if COVID 19 threat slowly dies down, we will still have problems for the next months.

Some may take advantage of the situation by hoarding goods and selling them at a high price, just like what happened with the supply of face masks, alcohol, and hand sanitizers.

Even if the spread of the disease is checked, some will continue to blame others for what has happened. We didn’t want this to happen, nor the rest of the world. Being confined in our homes is the best way to prevent it from further spreading.

If the virus no longer finds a host to proliferate, the virus slowly dies down. But if people continue to do against what they are told, the number of people infected will just multiply and could cause thousands of lives.

Realistically, the problem we are facing now with COVID 19 will persist for several months more. The whole country needs to endure this blow. We need to brace ourselves.

The cure for COVID 19 is in the works and not until this is commercially distributed, no one is safe from the killer disease. Mass gatherings may still be prohibited which includes not being able to attend the weekly mass. But, this should not stop us from reaching out to our Lord to seek refuge and comfort.

For more information, you may contact Armando “Butz” Bartolome
by email: business.mentor@butzbartolome.com
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