Embassy Holds a Gender and Development (GAD) Seminar and Workshop on “Ortograpiyang Pampansa”

Philippine Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam Meynardo LB Montealegre delivering his welcome remarks during the Seminar on “Ortograpiyang Filipino”

The Philippine Embassy in Brunei Darussalam, in coordination with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), conducted a Gender and Development (GAD) seminar and workshop on “Ortograpiyang Pambansa” on 09 and 11 February 2018 at the Chancery.  It was the Embassy’s first GAD activity for the year.

The resource speaker for the two-day seminar was Ms. Jeslie O. Del Ayre, a Filipino Language Researcher from the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino.  During the seminar, Ms. Del Ayre shared the history and the current usage of the Filipino language, as well as the rules and guidelines on the proper grammar and usage of the language.

The activity was attended by Filipino teachers based in Brunei, mostly female, who usually volunteer during the annual Filipino Language and Cultural Enhancement Program (FLCEP) of the Embassy. The FLCEP provide young Filipino children, 5 to 17 years old, with the opportunity to further enhance their knowledge of the Filipino culture and language, and boost their sense of nationalism.

In his remarks, Ambassador Meynardo LB. Montealegre thanked Ms. Del Ayre and the NCCA for their steadfast support for the Embassy’s programs that promote Filipino culture and likewise empower the Overseas Filipinos.

The Embassy regularly conducts GAD activities that promote gender and development issues for the benefit of Filipinos in Brunei, particularly for their empowerment and enhanced productivity. END