COVID-19 cases now at 5,660; recoveries continue to rise

COVID-19 cases now at 5,660; recoveries continue to rise

The total number of COVID-19 cases in the country has reached 5,660 on Thursday as the Department of Health (DOH) records 207 new cases.

The number of recoveries at 435 has continued to surpass the death toll at 362, as 82 more patients were reported to have recovered on the fifth day of the continued increase in recoveries.

The Philippine Society of Microbiology and Infectious Disease said the total number of cases must be considered to conclude that many have recovered.

The DOH pointed out that recoveries may still increase since clinically recovered patients or those allowed to go home for self-quarantine have not yet been included in the count. It takes four to six weeks before a severe case recovers.

The health department added the supportive care remains as the standard treatment for COVID-19 patients as there is no medicine yet for COVID-19.

The PGH also clarified the convalescent plasma therapy is not a magic drug and its risks and benefits must be thoroughly explained to patients.

Meanwhile, the DOH advised individuals experiencing symptoms such as cough and sore throat to drink “salabat” and other tea to ease throat pain, gargle with warm water with salt, and use cough drops.

Health Promotion and Community Service Director Dr. Beverly Ho cautioned that they must observe if the individuals experience difficulty breathing, continuous and severe chest pain, confusion or distress, difficulty waking up, losing self-control, and darkening of face and lips. – Report from Mark Fetalco /

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