Comelec warns against voter IDs, reminds public these are no longer being printed

Comelec warns against voter IDs, reminds public these are no longer being printed

The Commission on Elections no longer issues voter identification cards, which are being falsely peddled as prerequisites to receiving government aid despite not being a qualification for receiving any form of aid, the commission said.

In a statement issued on Thursday morning, Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez said: “The ‘fake news’ that a person has to be a registered voter in order to receive government aid during this COVID-19 national health crisis, seems to have created a market for fake voter identification cards.”

“The Comelec has stopped issuing Voter IDs, in anticipation of the launch of the National ID system. Anyone who claims to be able to produce a ‘Comelec-issued voter ID’ is a scammer who is trying to take advantage of the public,” he added.

Earlier, the National Bureau of Investigation recently arrested two suspects in an entrapment operation Iligan City for producing and selling voter identification cards

The commission has stopped printing voter IDs as early as 2012 in the wake of proposals to establish a national ID system in the country, which has, in itself, not come to fruition.

One suspect was about to ship 13 identification cards to customers in Luzon at the time the sting took place, the NBI said in a report.

Even the interior department has affirmed that being a registered voter is not a factor in who receives aid under the government’s long-delayed social amelioration program, while the Department of Justice has since asked the National Bureau of Investigation to set up a system to monitor the spread of false and malicious information on social media.

“Anyone who is offered a ‘Comelec voter ID’ for sale is encouraged to get in touch with their local Comelec office immediately,” the statement read. — Source: Franco Luna with a report from Kristine Joy Patag /

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