Belmonte warns funeral parlors, crematoriums vs rejecting remains of COVID-19 victims

Belmonte warns funeral parlors, crematoriums vs rejecting remains of COVID-19 victims

Punishment awaits Quezon City-based funeral parlors and crematoriums that reject cadavers of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) victims or charge higher service fees from the families of the deceased.

This after the Quezon City Council approved an Ordinance, which was certified urgent by the executive department, that establishes protocols for the management of the deceased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Under this Ordinance, funeral homes and crematoriums cannot reject remains of deceased COVID-19 patients due to fear of infection or other unjustifiable reasons,” said Mayor Joy Belmonte.

In addition, Belmonte said the Ordinance also prohibits funeral homes and crematoriums from increasing their service fees compared to their prices prior to the declaration of the community quarantine on March 12, 2020.

“This is to protect grieving families of deceased COVID-19 victims from unscrupulous funeral parlors or crematoriums that may take advantage of the situation,” the lady Mayor emphasized.

Funeral parlors and crematoriums that violate the Ordinance face a maximum fine of P5,000 per violation and subsequent revocation of their business permit.

The Ordinance mandates local hospitals and health care facilities within Quezon City to observe the mandatory cremation of COVID-19 patients within 12 hours from time of death so as to avoid the spread of the virus, among others.

The local government will shoulder the costs of the cremation if the deceased is an indigent resident of the city.

If the family abandons the cadaver of the deceased or has failed to arrange for the cremation within 12 hours, the local government may take custody of the remains and have it cremated.

Anyone who violates the Ordinance will be slapped with a P5,000 fine and an imprisonment of not more than 6 months, depending on the Court’s discretion.— By: QC PR /

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